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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

We aim to be a fully inclusive school community and to involve all members of the community in decision-making and policy development.  We regard staff, parents and pupils as undertaking a joint enterprise to make learning exciting and positive for all of us.  We are all members of a team working co-operatively to this end.  The expertise of parents and carers is highly valued.

We do not discriminate in any way against any pupil seeking admission.  Once pupils are at the school, our aim is to provide the best possible learning experiences for all; this includes giving necessary support to individuals or groups of pupils to have full access not only to the taught curriculum, but also to out-of-school enrichment activities and all are encouraged to participate in the wide range of clubs and sports.  Pupils will be involved in reviewing their learning experiences, evaluating their progress and actively planning their learning.

We support the LEA policy on Inclusion and our Curriculum policies are fully inclusive.  Particular groups at risk of underachievement through disadvantage are covered by the following policies:

Policy to promote the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities;
Strategy for Increasing Accessibility (Appendix C of SEN Policy);
Equality Policy
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Policy on ‘Looked After’ pupils;
Policy on Personal, Social and Health Education